Here we show the characters in the Bury Pace Egg play with a brief description of their dress and role. At the end of this section you wil find a selection of different people involved with the play over the years. Some are current players but in differing roles, some are members who take part when life pressures allow and some have oficially retired from the team but have been known to turn up from time to time just to show "newer" members how the play SHOULD! be performed.



The Fool is the central character in the play. He introduces and closes the play, brings in  the main players and remonstrates with St George over the death of Slasher the Turkish Knight before calling for the assistance of the Doctor. The apperance of The Fool may differ from player to player as each adapts the character to suit himself.







St George is one of the two characters in the " Combat " section of the " Hero/Combat play. Wearing the red cross of St George,a golden helmet and carrying a dead dragon he fights and overcomes Slasher the Turkish Knight thereby representing the Death of winter.











Wearing a "Fez" and his sword marked with the star and crescent of The Prophet, Bold Slasher is the opponent of St George and the second character in the "Combat" section of the play. After being killed by St George, Slasher is miraculousy brought back to life by the ministrations of The Doctor. This resurection, echoing the miracles of Easter , represents the final death of Winter and the wonderful outpouring of new life that is spring.








The Doctor is the last of the four main characters in the "Hero/Combat" part of the play. Although officially  he  has  no dedicated  props with the exception  of a  tail coat  and  an  easilly  recognised  bottle  ( usually Guiness or Newcastle Brown ), over the past ten years or so, a Brolly and a Doctors Bag has been added to the Doctor's appearence. The Doctor enters the performanve area after the fight between St George and Slasher the Turkish Knight , St George has run Slasher through and after an anguished plea from The Fool, The Doctor brings the stricken Slasher back to life with the aid of his magic bottle. This resurection symbolises the death of Winter and the Re-Birth of Spring.







Big Head is the first Solo performer to come on after Slasher has been brought back to life by The Doctor. He introduces himself and then performs a Clog Dance for the audience








BEELZIBUB, the second of the three solo characters in the play. With his horns, clanking chains ,club and dripping pan coupled with his shout of "In comes I Beelzibub"this extroverted character has often been known to take members of the audience aside and attempt to convince them what a nice person he is. This despite ribald shouts from the team to the contrary.







Permenantly carrying his family  of "two, three young 'uns on me back" Jonny Jack is the final cast member to introduce himself to the audience