The final version of our list of performances for 2016 is now available from the 'Tour' tab above.  Saturday, 19th March, is broadly similar to last year, Palm Sunday, 20th March, is the same as last year but with a little time added in towards the end and Good Friday, 25th March, is only slightly different from last year.

Sunday is as the original list although we may be a few minutes late for the earlier performances as we're slotting in a private performance at the beginning.  At the landlord's request, we've now added the Hark to Towler in Tottington to the beginning of our Good Friday tour.  But, sadly, not all landlords are as welcoming and we find ourselves with a spare slot at 14:20 on Saturday so, depending on how we feel at the time, we'll either fit in an extra outdoor performance or, more likely, take a little bit more time over the afternoon performances.